The Sletten Group has constructed a “PHOTONbooth” which is a fun twist on a photobooth. The PHOTONbooth provides an avenue for kids to experience fluorescence first hand. The booth is coupled with demonstrations of household fluorescent materials and the creation of highlighter glowsticks.

If you are in the LA area and are interested in having the #PHOTONbooth at your event, please contact Ellen!

Our virtual “Color, Optics, and Fluorescence” booth at Exploring Your Universe (EYU) 2020

Fun in the PHOTONBooth

Sharing our love of fluorescence by illuminating household items

“Make your own glowstick” out of highlighters and water (gloves to save Ellen from superglue)

#PHOTONBooth brought to you by the Sletten Group

Coming soon…moving beyond the visible!