We in the Sletten Group aspire to create, sustain, and celebrate an inclusive environment for all of its members understanding that we have diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and abilities. As a lab we aim to foster an environment of open discussion to promote mutual respect and collaborative, compassionate understanding through quarterly diversity centered journal clubs and other educational and ally-training activities. We strive to support the development of successful researchers of all racial, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, neurodiversity, and abilities through equitable and group-wide participation in group meetings, journal clubs, and preparation for academic and professional milestones. We will continue to educate ourselves against discrimination, harassment, and intimidation and to minimize explicit and implicit biases. As a lab we will support and encourage the work of our group members, the Organization for Cultural Diversity in Science (OCDS), the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and UCLA to improve learning outcomes for underrepresented and at-risk communities.