The Sletten Group takes a multidisciplinary approach towards the creation of enhanced nanotherapeutics, shortwave infrared diagnostics, and new chemical tools to study living systems. Research within the group involves a mix of organic synthesis, fluorous chemistry, chemical biology, self-assembly, polymer synthesis, photophysics, nanomedicine, and pharmacology.

Recent News

5/14/24 – Our undergrads presented their first posters at UCLA’s SMACS Chemistry Undergraduate Poster Session. Great work everyone, and congrats to Nika for winning best poster!

4/12/24 – Congrats to Devon for being selected as an Honorable Mention for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!

4/1/24 – This quarter, we welcome first year PhD student Jesus to the group!

3/25/24 – An exciting day for the Sletten group–Our collaboration led by Eric with the Delcamp group is now available at Nature Chemistry; and our collaboration led by Heidi and Joseph with the Campàs group is now preprinted at Chemrxiv!

1/19/24 – Congrats to Emily, Helen, Paige and Prairie for presenting posters at UCLA’s 2024 Glenn T. Seaborg Symposium; and congrats to Maggie for an excellent research talk in the MACS program seminar series (a busy day in the Sletten group!).

1/17/24 – Joseph and Ashley’s work on biotin-initiated poly(oxazolines) is now preprinted at Chemrxiv.

1/8/24 – We are excited to officially welcome Luigi to the group as a first year PhD student!

12/18/23 – Quintashia’s News and Views piece on fluorogenic cyanines is now available at Nature Chemistry!

12/4/23 – The lab celebrates our 8th birthday at Santa Monica Brew Works with cake decorating, per Sletten group tradition.

11/13/23 – Kai joins the group as a postdoctoral fellow, coming to us all the way from the Institute of Chemistry at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Welcome Kai!

11/6/23 – Luigi begins his Fall rotation. Welcome to the Sletten group!

11/5/23 – The Sletten group has a great time at UCLA’s annual Explore Your Universe (EYU) with the PHOTONbooth and fluorescence demos.

10/26/23 – The Sletten group continues our Oktoberfest celebration tradition with good food, good brews, and even better company!

10/2/23 – Today we welcome graduate students Kathryn and Jesus for their first Fall rotation!

9/18/23 – Our work on water-soluble SWIR fluorophores led by Dr. Shang Jia is now available at Chem!

8/8/23 – Our newest junior lab member, Boden Sletten-Larubina, is born!

8/7/23 – First year graduate students Jeff and Lorena begin their summer rotation. Welcome to the Sletten group!

8/3/23 – The PHOTONBooth makes an appearance at the Garg lab’s first “Chem Camp”, a summer camp to get kids excited about science.